Ellipses (...)

I'm sorry I've been absent. I'm sorry I haven't let you in on what has been going on. It's's just that I don't have the words. I know, you're thinking, this girl is prolific with words. And it's true, I'm an open book and the open book is full of words. So, maybe they'll come eventually. Or maybe I'll remain speechless. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

In September my life completely changed. For one thing, The Sheriff died. It wasn't unexpected, obviously, but it still wrenched me in half. The end of an era; the end of the story of a scrappy girl and her scrappy pup taking on the world. But something else happened too. I fell in love. Like real, no bullshit, huge, generous, knock you to your knees love. Like, THIS IS IT love. The kind of love when you realize those other times you thought you were feeling love you were so fucking off base you should be embarrassed. THAT was not love THIS is love, you idiot.

This love is the kind of love that renders me inarticulate. It's so indescribable that every time I go to write about it all I can come up with is clichés, clichés about doors and windows and heads over heels and wind and wings. I don't want to subject you to that. So, for now, that's all I'm going to say. I'm in LOVE. Give me a minute.