The Audacity of Hope (Rowan)

You rockstar! Now you're adding Nicole to your name?! Last night I was
thinking that 'Jocelyn' is so incredibly flexible when it comes to
nicknames (semi-phonetic as follows): "Joe-see", "JC", "Joe", "Lynn",
"Joe-lynn", "Joss"...etc.

I'm not sure if it was the thought of you or the vodka espresso in my
stomach, but I was sleepless until at least 3am. Today is something of
a bleary-eyed drag, but I'm leaving early so as not to bring any of
our servers down with a mistyped command.

When I bowl, I have trouble breaking 125. I've an embarrassing
penchant for rolling gutter balls. On the other hand, I haven't played
miniature golf in at least fifteen years. So really, it's going to be
comic regardless of what we decide upon.

Saturday night has potential...who's my competition? Tell 'em to bring
it on--I'll make it a Singles Smackdown!