Jots and Tittles (Ken)


I ran across your posts about Ken and wanted to contact you. I am dating Ken now and would really appreciate some insight. The posts on your blog are really eye opening to me.

Can I ask a favor, that you not tell Ken I contacted you? He owes me money and I need to get it from him first.

I posted that information about Ken because I was hoping, in the future, that if he was dating somebody, they might find out his true nature before they got totally hurt by him. I honestly believe Ken is mentally ill and capable of very bad things. I did not exaggerate or make-up anything but merely reported what happened to me. He was very charming and had me completely snowed. He lied to me, and everyone in his vicinity about EVERYTHING and I (we?) never suspected. I hope you are very careful and that you get your money back. I never got the thousands of dollars that he owes me. 

I no longer have any contact with Ken and hope to keep it that way, forever.
I'm sorry,