May Day, May Day (Joce)

Hooray, hooray, the first of May, outdoor fucking starts today!

Now, I'm super sorry if you are dismayed by the profanity of that statement, but I heard it from the reputable, rather moderate singer/songwriter James Taylor at a concert when I was about 15. I was with my most best friend Melanie (who consequently, and not related to said concert, designed this blog and has been tried and true ever since we recognized a co-penchant for snark and sass in middle school) and yearly, since, she and I have had a contest to see who can remind the other of our May 1, first.  I win, 2014?

Anyway, hooray, because seriously, this weather, this spring, has been truly glorious, and I can hardly recognize myself as the chipper chippy brought to you, me, by the wickedly fickle friend AND foe known as Vitamin D.  That's right, people, a couple of good nights sleep and sunshine and a new office and hilarious friends and blah, blah, blah and I'm HAPPY. Not even, happy-ish. Full ON. Bring it. And, truly, the only thing that would make it even just an eensy-weensy bit better, is if there was some outdoor fucking on the horizon. New horizon. Yes. Please.

So, excuseze'moi. And, tah dah.

I've decided to declare May 1 a Joce Holiday. It's spring, things are blooming, growing, renewing and there is hope, thick, sweet, pink and purple in the air. Could it be more ME? Doubtful.

And in celebration, May 1, BBOBD Day.

In honor of this great day I ask you to join me by sharing the glory of The Big Book with your friends. Do you know and love someone deep down and low in the mid-life romance struggle? Or, someone that likes funny things? Or cute girls? Or taking online quizzes? Or wasting time on the internets? Would they find comfort and camaraderie in this online dating diary? I implore you to share and to encourage them, and you, if you haven't yet, to "like" this here blog on Facebook.  It would mean the world, or, at least a map of the world.

This summer, my BBOBD Day resolution is to work diligently on making this a real life actual book. To be published. By a publisher. Preferably with illustrations. And foot notes. And an extra flattering and youthful author picture (Melanie? Photographer?) And any additional love I can get thrown my way can only help make this a reality.

I do love you, and I so appreciate you being here, with me. Thank you for sharing, and caring.

Happy BBOBD Day. I hope you do some outdoor fucking. Or at least some making out on a patio.

XO, Joce