Sun Tzu (Ricardo)


I have a lot of fun with you and I'm sorry for last night's misunderstanding. I'm not going to try to defend myself anymore because that is clearly a losing battle, but please know it was my insecurities and not your behavior (or volume of voice) that set up the scene. One of the things that I like about you is your boldness. I like strong women that push me out of my comfort zone.

I bought the wine with the money you left last night. I tried to find something that paired well with mac & cheese, but the clerk just looked at me funny. If you really feel strongly about me keeping that money I guess you can buy me a bottle of wine, but that would just end up in a vicious cycle of wine giving. Also, you don't know where I live so I think I'm safe. Thanks for the fun nights. I can't wait to read the Ricardo entry in TBBOBD.