Steel Cut Oats (Caleb)

Hey! Joce,  
The only thing I worry about is I feel you are unhappy being "single." I sense you really want a nice, outgoing man in your life to have fun with and entertain with friends and family. I already applied for that position but kinda knew I would blow it a year ago. But, being single and older is not so bad. My own mom had a rebirth when she was 41 when she finally divorced my dirtbag stepdad and remarried a great guy.

Anyway, I hope this is not the freak you out email but your sharing with me your private life. My life did not even start until I was 27. When I was 17, I was accused and convicted of firing a gun into someones home in Arizona. They tried me as an adult, sent me to trial, and I was convicted. I spent 10 years in Arizona State Prison until I was released at 27.  My release was contigent I leave the state, so I came here. With no education, no money and a measly GED I received in prison, I enrolled into full time courses at the community college. I quicky finished my Associates and transferred to state college and finished my bachelor's. 

But now I have little experience in any kind of career and I am afraid to submit to a background check. I just finished the last of my parole last December in fact. I am a bad apple but I have been sort of ok lately. I basically do not have a job but somehow make good money wheeling and dealing. 

It could always get worse is how I feel. I know you are kind of depressed, I am sure you have heard it all before. You are spot on about yourself. But for some reason, silly as this sounds, I am proud of you for having a graduate degree and you are my sincere friend and I bet your family is too! You have so much time to meet the right guy, and experience with relationships so it will come together for you someday.  

I only fear you have high expectations for whatever man you choose to be with?  

I never would have told you about my past but oh well. Nothing to lose. Many women run away when I tell them. At least certain ones, not all of them.  

I don't have spell check so if there is a mispelled word let me off the hook, ok?