The Catastrophe of Stuff (Joce)

Where I live (4/12/99)

I have a little white house with a blue door but no awnings and no arched doorways. There is furniture and lots of books and a giant Pennywise sign with an owl that lights up and says "be wise" it looks like the sun, yellow. There is a comic book rack and a lamp that looks like a ladies leg in a pair of fishnet stockings and the shade is her skirt and it has fringe.

There is a brown Frigidaire in the garage and a dart board and a silver Christmas tree made out of wire that has orange velvet ornaments. There is a white Fridgidaire in the kitchen and three feet, two in striped socks coming out of the ceiling and one on some books that is carved out of wood. The furniture is blond and low except for the dining room table which is walnut. It has leather cushions and cane backs and a table that pulls out so that 10 people can sit there, but there aren't 10 people. The bedroom is Chinese.

There are lots of plants and frosted turquoise and orange and silver chip bowls and lots of polka dot glasses and some that are frosted.

There are police target posters in the laundry room one of a man called "thug" and one with a lady in shorts called "badge recognition" and one with a man in a bandana and a t-shirt with no sleeves that isn't called anything at all. There are all there to keep company the little dog who weighs 12.5 lbs and is called The Sheriff.

There are two giant stars one with Olive Oyl and one with Popeye and a dresser that is turquoise with silver snowflakes and glitter and my mother's graduation certificate from Charm School (1969, signed by Gloria LaVonne) with a before picture and an after picture the only difference being the white gloves in the after. There is a giant picture of Iron Man, commissioned. There is a zebra rug. There is a tray with Lawrence Welk dancing with Alice. There are lots of little things, too. Like a turquoise Suzy Kitchen stove with a light bulb that cooks and a toy toaster and thirty two tubes of lipstick all different colors and a clock that is 3 inches high that is a silver robot. 

The dining room light looks all silver and greeny glass and hovers like a spaceship and cost half the lighting budget and a ceiling fan in the living room that is silver and looks like a propeller from an aeroplane and was featured in Popular Science and cost the other half of the lighting budget.

There is lots of light.
There is lots of sound.