Goldfish in a bag (Joce)

From Joce's journal, June 8, 2005
I think they could make a sitcom out of my recent love life experiences. Todays episode would be the one in which a guy who I gave my phone number to, after a flirty conversation in a coffee shop, calls me in the morning while I'm still lying in bed. We have a friendly chat for about 10 minutes and I get my hopes up that he might actually ask me out for this evening, being Saturday and all. And then I get a funny vibe. He seems to be steering the conversation in a direction that is a little too familiar. He asks me how I would describe my sense of style and then wants to know what I'm wearing...he wants to see how "comfortable" I can be with him. I keep chatting because I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, he can't possibly be doing what I think he is doing. It's just too creepy. Keep in mind I've only met this guy once...and this is the first real conversation we've ever had. I change the many siblings does he have? One sister, named Christy. Where is he originally from? Chicago. Where did he go to college? Notre Dame. He says likes the sound of my voice, and he thinks I'm cute. Then he asks me how many guys I've had sex with. Uh, none of your business. I stall and skirt the issue. You're kidding, right? I finally hang up when he asks me if I masturbate.
Thanks, asshole. Call me on a Saturday morning and expect me to have phone sex with you. Do I look like the kind of girl that has phone sex with a stranger? Do you come here often? Does this strategy really work for you, did you think it would really work for you with me?
Do you ever feel embarrased even when you technically didn't do anything wrong? I do. Today, for instance, when some pervert that I mistook for a nice, cute guy wanted me to prostitute myself to him over the phone.  He probably would have gotten a lot further, maybe even real sex, if he pursued me in a slightly more traditional way, say, I don't know, taking me out to dinner on a Saturday night!