PART THREE "The Real Deal" Joce Compatibility in Dating Quiz


Give yourself one point for each item that is accurately describes you:
a) I'm a dog person
b) I currently have 1 or 2 dogs
c) I can hold my own at trivia
d) When I travel, I take something to read
e) I have visited a foreign country for something other than military service
f) I am a Pisces, Cancer or Libra
g) I love to hike
h) I love fresh air and try and get outside as much as possible
i) I like to swim
j) I like to boat
k) I own a bike and have ridden said bike in the last month
l) I love competitive lawn sports such as bocce ball, cornhole and j’arts
m) I'm happy to play a board game with friends
n) I like to go to the fair or carnival and I will go on rides
o) I do not own a video game console
p) I own a car
q) My car is an automatic
r) I can drive a stick shift
s) My car does not require premium gasoline
t) I drive a car other than a Porsche, a Jeep or a Subaru
u) My car has more than 2 doors

MANNERS AND SKILLS (__ out of 26 possible points)
Give yourself one point for each item that is accurately describes you:
a) I am handy around the house
b) I am computer savvy
c) I know how to start/tend a fire in a fireplace
d) I can light a grill, charcoal or gas
e) If we’re going out on a date, I will pick you up
f) I will pick you up and I will pay
g) When someone calls and leaves a message for me, I usually call them back as soon as I can
h) I'm not much of a texter
i) I have a green thumb
j) I can lift 40-50 lbs. no problem
k) I own a selection of tools, including but not limited to, a hammer, a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver and a pair of pliers
l) I own a drill
m) I own a cordless drill
n) I have built a piece of furniture (bookshelves involving bricks do not count nor does anything made out of a discarded pallet)
o) I can do basic home improvement including re-tiling, reseating a toilet, refinishing a wood floor, or, at the very least, taping and painting a wall
p) I know how to change the oil in my car
q) I do my own laundry
r) I know how to use a dishwasher
s) I know how to use a washing machine/dryer
t) I know how to re-light a gas water heater
u) I know where the fuse box is in my house
v) I am not opposed to cussing
w) I don’t cuss all the time, especially when I’m not sure of my audience
x) I hold the door, if someone else (man, woman or child) is leaving or entering
y) Bad traffic? Sure, you can merge
z) I think tailgating is aggressive and rude

Okay - let's get your score!