At home in the world (Malik)

He has a picture of her pinned to the bulletin board above his desk at work. A quick glance and his eyes meet hers, jet black, kohl rimmed, deep and warm. She is everything you aren’t: rich, sophisticated, glamorous and worldly. She has perfect skin and beautifully coiffed hair. The daughter, granddaughter of great beauties, talented famous women.  

He could never, would never, love you as much as he loves her.


Killing Isabella
I'm leaving because I love you,
I'm screaming because I care,
I'm killing Isabella, 
because life's not fair.

I'd love you but I hate you,
I'd kiss you but I bite,
I'm killing Isabella,
because I lost the fight.

She's pretty but she's a magazine!
A paper face, a paper brain,
You'll say I'm just jealous,
or maybe just insane.

I'm killing Isabella,
she can't scream and she can't talk.
The slick paper only rustles 
to the ticking of the clock.

So kiss the magazine, my love,
lick the paper clean,
but you'll be sorry someday,
when she's dead, and I AM QUEEN. 

M: Drinking is bad, beer or cocktails? Shots?
J: I'm not picky. This is a good party town. We had rock n' roll prom a few weekends ago.
M: We had the Queen's birthday. It is always a bit way too much. It was last week. I didn't really go out, it was a bit cold. In past years, I've gone to Amsterdam for QD, (Koningenendag). But everyone dresses in orange so it gets a bit annoying. I don't really care for orange, and I don't like royalty.
J: I love orange and royalty.
M: You were (are?) a princess. That is true, but royalty are a rotten lot.
J: yes, it's true. I’m rotten to the core.
J: By the way Killing Isabella has been made into a song...This ridiculous guy I dated for awhile who is a musician stole the words and made it into a song.
M: NO. I love K.I. I'll kill him. You know, also, I love you. I call you my Love Pixie.

05/31/2011 7:21 AM, Malik wrote:
I've terminal cancer, Joce. Do you want Kissing Isabella?

05/31/2011 8:44 PM, Joce wrote:
No. And it's KILLING Isabella.