Girls say yes to boys who say no (Malik)

22 July 1995

J - I wrote this after we got off the phone. I wish we could communicate better because there is so much more...I'm not in a good frame, of late, and I react by withdraw - Love, M

Left on v-Mail to My Generation

Well I bought a house
and thought it would bring me stability

But it looks the same, the same as any place I've rented -- I still don't have any furniture
I'm accustomed to being transient, shell shocked from just living

I got cable, a home office, a dual coffee/espresso machine

I work 55 hours a week and am afraid of losing my job
I spend everything I get

I drink Pete's Wicked Ale and don't even know where I can buy a 12-Pack of Old

Well I'm calling because I saw Debbie Harry in an MTV interview
She looked old and burnt

"Oh, yea, but I'm really happy with what I'm doing now," she conceded

Not the wet-dream fantasy
of my invincibility

Then I tried to jerk-off to a Wendi-O-Williams video but I couldn't get it up
I hope that's not a sign of things to come, I turn thirty in a few months

I try not to watch MTV just for that reason
But I remain glued when I hear something that takes me back

Even Hughy Lewis.

So give me a call, sometime, would you?
My number is 867-5309