In between times...

I know we're in the midst of revisiting some of the worst dates, best blog posts of all time, and I promise I'll be right back at it in just a minute. I had to take the night off from the blog to engage in some raucous water basketball in which, having "no game" as it were, required me to compete with no skill but plenty of competitiveness and sheer force of will (which is pretty much how I tackle everything in my life). I screamed myself hoarse and the bottoms of my feet are raw from the concrete pool. My team, "the good guys," lost 3 out of 4 games. I still like to believe I earned those margaritas. Anyway, in my spare time, when I'm not water basketballing it, I am working on a new quiz. I would love to hear your tips, suggestions, pet peeves, deal breakers, etc. What would you like to see on the new quiz?

Here's the old one, to help jog the old nog Quizzy

Answer in the comments section on on the BBBD Facebook page. Speak now or forever hold your p's and q's.