Refried Beans 20/20 (Ken, Cooper)

Dear Girls,

Dating dilemma of the week:

Okay, so remember how I told you about that guy Cooper that I was totally in love/lust with but who told me I didn't have the "commitment to fitness" that he required? Well, he's still been keeping in touch, calling, emailing, IM'ing, etc. We went out on Sunday to see an exhibit at a gallery (his idea) and then went for beers. Then, he invited himself over and we ended up having (as per usual) a great deal of fun, (so much fun that he left at 4 a.m.) The thing is, other than that one time when he completely devastated me by saying that we shouldn't date, he is perfect. We are unbelievably compatible; he's charming, funny, sweet, kind, and smart as hell. And, I'm still harboring this MAJOR crush; I’m totally cuckoo for Cooper.

However, I've also gone on a couple of dates with this guy Ken. Formerly in the Army, he has a degree in Economics, a good job, nice car, etc.  Thing is, he has a pretty uninspired personality. I find myself being seriously bored when I’m around him.

I know I should just suck it up and date Ken and forget about Cooper. Ken will be loyal and good to me and easy going, and he’ll probably grow on me. Cooper will destroy me, he already has. But, every time I'm with Ken, I'm thinking about how I wish he was Cooper.