The Best Man, Part IV (Murat)

From Joce’s Moleskine journal, age 27

November, 2004
Murat, the bio-energy healer came to the house this afternoon. He is a very slight Turkish man and he has energy from God in his hands. He diagnosed all my problems: he said I have allergies (to bright light, pollen, smog, smoke and heat), chronic bronchitis or fluid often in my lungs, I have a genetically weak nervous system that is extremely sensitive. Joint problems (plaque between the bones) in my back, lower back and legs (aches and cramps) and arms. All over I have muscle aches. I take negative energy from crowds and it gives me a headache. I am very sensitive and my soul gets depressed. My kidneys are very tired. I get tired easily and cold and hot very easily.

He stood on my upper legs while I laid down on the floor and pressed his feet into my back. He moved my arms and pressed the side of my head with his fingers. He held his hand over my forehead so I could feel the heat from his hands. I took very, very much energy from him and it will take 2 more times before I will be healed. After he finished I felt so relaxed and positive. He was drained!

Then we went to dinner at Havzan Etliekmek Salonu. They serve a specialty in Konya, 4 ft. long pide (soft dough) baked crisp and topped with cheese or meat. We ate 5! total – and 3 plates of roasted green peppers, 6 glasses of ayran and a plate of salad.
We were all so full when we got home we laid around. We had Turkish coffee and then pomegranate. Before bed, I helped Asuman make salep.

Murat came for the 3rd time to heal me. I feel so relieved. He said when I was 1 ½ or 2 years old I suffered from bronchitis or an infection in my lungs. It took a long time to heal and made my body allergic. Now I am very sensitive to the cold. Also, my muscles and joints are very weak like an old persons.

He said I must be very, very careful of stress and anger because it is seriously affecting my body. I keep all my sadness in my muscles and bones.

Murat uses massage and pressure points but also the heat from his hands and feet. The last thing he does is pull your bad energy from you by pulling his hands through the air. He says he is an intermediary from God and the healing comes directly from God.

Asuman made a very special dinner. Anchovies from the Black Sea. She dipped them in corn flour and then sautéed them. We ate them with bread and white onion. We had halva for dessert.

Back in Istanbul – We caught a bus downtown and made the mistake of taking a tour of the Bosphorus in an old fishing boat. It was only 30-35 degrees and sooo cold on the water with the wind chill. Sooo stupid! Murat told me to be very careful about getting cold and I just went right out and froze myself to death. It was a pretty trip but now all my joints are sore.