When's it Going to Stop? (Joce)

From Joce's Quillmark Journal, 6th grade

March 7, 1989
This weekend was great on Friday I went to Janice’s house and we went bowling. It was great. I won second the first game but I got last on the other game. We opened presents and I got this really great stuffed bunny, he’s grey. I named him Walter. I like Billy Ralston too (a little). He’s got a good sense of humor and he’s fairly cute. His sisters great. The only problem with Bobby is that he hates me!!! He told me today I was ugly. I asked him if he wanted me to get a face lift (it was a joke). After that he said not even a face lift would help my face!!! My heart was broken. Billy’s skin is perfect not one pimple his hair is sort of long and it curls under so he sort of looks like a little boy. He’s shorter than me, about 4’8”, I’m 5 feet (life’s a bitch). My sister has had two boyfriends, I know because I read her diary. I’ve only had one and I still love him, Joey. I hear now he’s got another girlfriend and I suppose she’s very pretty. I heard from Sharon that he’s already French kissed her. I almost cried. He doesn’t know that I still love him. I think I might write sometime but I’d feel like a fool.

Dec. 18, 1989
Drug wars, divorces, earthquakes, pollution, when’s it going to stop? I confronted Dad about it he said he’d be glad to switch from Styrofoam to paper – someday! What is it with people! Well, I want a typewriter for Christmas so I won’t have to write my life in a pocket sized book anymore.

Jan. 8, 1990
I didn’t get a typewriter for Christmas it was a big dissapointment.