Sunshine on My Shoulders (Joce)

From Joce’s Quillmark Journal, 5th grade


Dear Diary,
I often wonder about my class, my friends, and my teachers. Sometimes I cry because I know I’ll never see my friends again after I move. I’ll miss Andy’s jokes and clown acting and Peter’s rude remarks. Tara’s tomboyishness that I wish I could be like. Sharon’s high flying bangs and Erika’s feelings about me she always told me I was great and made me feel strong. John’s niceness to accept me as a friend. Aaron’s rock collection of rocks that anybody would wish to have. Brandy who always made me laugh and most of all Joey who danced with me at the dance even though he made fun of me a lot. Peter and Aaron my art buddies making me smile on a rainy day when I was like the grey sky and not sunshiney. And then there were people like Nathan who is just there to remind me always to be happy because he usually is even though I haven’t known him very long he’s still a good friend in my point of view.

I would only like one thing that is to be remembered by everybody in a good way. And to be everybody’s friend.