The Best Man, Part II (Christopher)

Welp, he’s very popular with the ladies.  This is to be expected.  His good looks put him on the intimidating side.  Do not let it deter you.

And, I have to say, I’m probably right about this kid.  I found his blog to be a little bit too serious/pompous for its own good, but hey, if I could write like that, I probably would.  He’s a Sagittarius which is good and he’s 31 and he’s single. Who cares?!  I really think he may be like me and Johnny insofar as he’s willing to wait for a GOOD person, not just another dumbshit.  And his tastes seem refined…  Blahdidy blah…

One point of caution:  DON’T FUCKING JOCK HIM.  If you go out like that, like trying to overly please Tony, you’ll lose.  Just be normal.  I have a feeling he’s hoping for normal, wholesome, good, stable, stuff like that.  If you give him shit, I bet you’ll have him eating out of your hands.  He obviously gets a lot of attention from the ladies and probably takes it for granted.  Lucky bastard.  But, if you go out with him, you better put your jealousies in a tight little purse and tuck them away forever because he’s going to get jocked and I’m sure it does make him feel good, so he’ll be unwilling to give it up.

But anyway, I say check it out!  He may even turn out to be from the west coast!  Oh, he’s a painter.  That might be a negative.  Too self-absorbed.  You’ll just have to find out I guess!