Next Time Never (Doug)

It feels almost as bad when someone says "I'll call you," and you know they won't and you don't care, as it does when they don't say they'll call and you do care.

One week after our second date...

Doug Not ignore ing you just having some pressing issues.
Joce Don’t worry about me. Hope everything is okay!
Doug Everything is cool. I just have to take a trip and be there for a buddy. Done know for sure when I’ll be back.
Joce Well no matter what I wish you the best.
Doug I want to see you again. Its okay darlin. We get together again.
Joce I’m not worried. It is what it is. Have a nice time!
Doug You know I was thinking. Maybe we should go get saucy next time. You know. Have some wine and beer?
Doug Just go have fun.
Joce Beer and wine, both?! That sounds a little crazy ;)
Doug I was surprised you didn’t call. I have been really busy sorry.
Joce Honestly, I didn’t think I’d hear from you again. No worries! We’re both busy.
Doug Why did you think that I didn’t want to see you again?
Joce I don’t think either of us was feeling a spark. C’est la vie!

Two weeks later...

Doug Hope all is well. I’m having a blast!