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- Malik

If I dare, or if I care?

Don't be so harsh.

I'm not being harsh. We are not friends. We "dated" for less than a year, when I was 17, and you were 30 and that was SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. It was a really, really dysfunctional and destructive relationship and it doesn't inspire a single ounce of sentimental feeling in me. I don't think it's fair that you force me to revisit a really awful time in my life over and over, especially when the communication seems motivated by your latest relationship or life fiasco. I know you're sorry about what happened but it's honestly just a tiny blip on my life. I was 17, and I made a bad choice, do I have to be haunted by it every six months, forever?

If you hadn't noticed, I've moved on to other dysfunctional relationships with other jerks. I'm more focused on that right now. 

I have terminal cancer, Joce.