Fire Snakes (Kurt)

Kurt Hey Joce, so I meant 2 ask you earlier, what’s ur bday?
Joce March 2 what’s yours?
Kurt Let’s see…nice u r an 8 of spades. Means u r a strong person. Have a book 2 show you mine is 11-7, I’m the King of Clubs ;)
Kurt Oh and we’re both fire snakes which is just cool
Joce You’re a Scorpio, Scorpio’s are mean, are you mean?
Kurt Yes, but I make up for it after
Kurt You should come over and hang out. I know things that will blow your mind.
Joce I’m not coming over. We haven’t even been on an official date yet! There is a strong chance we’ll dislike each other when we get to know each other ;)
Kurt U think we’ll butt heads. Possible, but I got u beat. Ur an 8, and we share the same power. But I’m a king and a Scorpio! Lol, we’ll see. Wine tonight?
Joce Tomorrow or Thurs? I’m glad you’re so confident in your power, my ways are surely more subtle and wiley. Of course, I’ll always let you think you’re winning!
Kurt Lol, ur cute. Very Piscean of u. Yeah lets do tmro, 7ish. That way if we like each other u can come over.
Kurt Bite the bullet and go to drinks with me, if we like each other we can leave quickly lol
Kurt That or just come over now, I have a GREAT bottle of reisling chillin in fridge ;)
Joce I’m not coming over now, nor tomorrow, no matter how well we get on. Pushy pushy!
Kurt Why even meet if ur that deadset against coming over? That makes no sense 2 me.
Joce I just don’t want to go to your house on our first date, I don’t know what is the big deal. R U just trying to get laid?
Kurt Where’s that coming from? No, not “just get laid” but if the attraction is there definitely. U r really killing the interest I had for you.
Kurt Maybe u were right, not compatible, jeez!
Joce Okay. Oh, well.