Serriously (Clinton)

There have been allot of things swiriling in a confusing funnel in my mind for a long time now.

Today, I was finaly able to focus and sort most of my thoughts out. Finaly I have some real advice for both of us. Through some slow unrecognizable events, we have let life leave us completely out of our minds. We have been taking life in general to serriously. Being to serrious, and trying to understand to many things that we just are'nt ready for, may be the source of our mental turmoil. I think that we have both lost sight of the purpose of a relationship in our life right now. As it seems to be the source of most of our problems. We both agree that we need some sort of love and friendship relationship to keep us happy and full. Of course we've got to be some what responsible for school and work, but a serrious relationship, and finding the right person to commit our entire life to, should be on the verry bottom of our list of priorities. The best thing for us now is a simplified bond, some one we can love and know loves us back. Since we already have this we have already satisfied and filled that part of our lives. Lets take a deep breath...and let go of so much of our uneeded confused, mixedup, empty problems. The best thing for me right now is to be your "boy friend", I need to stand by your side as a great friend, watch and help you grow, laugh, cry, and love with you, I hope you want the same. Dont worry, we both have so much growing to do, this is'nt the right time to confuse our selves by worring weather for you I am the right person to be your husband, and for me weather you were meant to be my wife. I consider you a dear friend, and you consider me your dear friend. We have already shared so many memorable happy times, as well as sad times, yet through it all we have always shared a permanent bond between us. Weather it means we are just meant to be friends for life, or to live love grow and share a life we make together as husband and wife some where way down the road, I am not sure. But I do know that I love you in to many ways to have it fade with time. This is the time of happieness, sunshine, flowers, smiles, friends, rainbows and love. For now lets grow, laugh cry, and love together, because there is no one else I would rather share those things with in my life now than with you.

Cheer up, relax, and think about what I wrote, I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.

I love you a million zillion infinity!!!