Keep Me Posted (Clinton)

Dear Clinton, 
I got your note and I thank you for the kind words, however, I fear that this relationship cannot continue on any level at this point. It is becoming unhealthy and very uncomfortable for the both of us. I am afraid and sad for you, but I fear that my sanity will be undone due to circumstances that I must control. Please understand the turmoil it is costing me to do this, hopefully, however, peace in my life (and yours) will resume eventually. I do not mean to break your heart, what I am doing comes about merely as necessity, for this I am sorry. Once again I hope you will be adult through this situation and you don't resort to hurting people or things. I would make me very upset if you did. I hope you move into your sisters and get your life together, there is nothing that would please me more. It is hard for me to see you upset, so perhaps it is better that I don't see you at all for awhile anyway. Thank you for all you have done, keep me posted on your life.
Sincerely, Joce