Fighting the Good Fight (Joce)

Nearly two years ago I started The Big Book of Bad Dates as an experiment. I needed an outlet to vent my exasperation, frustration, mortification, of being a single woman in her thirties "playing the field" (read: pickle ball court). As I had hoped, the blog has proven itself to be inexpensive therapy; a place where I could dump my feelings, my concerns, my forked tongue observations, my experiences. Putting things into words, putting them out into the world, has helped release them more quickly from my psyche; where before I would dwell and obsess about what went wrong, what IS wrong, now I just write about them and move on. I sincerely believe I couldn't have gotten through some, many of these situations, without this particular vehicle of expression at my disposal. 

Even more remarkable has been the myriad of lovely and generous responses and the support of my readers. This week alone my audience has been as far flung as Japan, Argentina, Spain, Iran, Russia and Germany. And honestly, everyone has been so nice. Way nicer than I ever would have expected. And it's buoyed me up and helped me through. So, thank you, thank you every one of you. Thank you for reading and thank you for writing. Please keep reading, please keep writing. 

“You're a great writer and if this list and your previous writing is any indication, you're a damn fine human being. I really enjoy your blog and not just because I identify in so many ways (early 30s, mystified by the bizarre behavior of the men folk, fighting the good fight!). You're super funny, articulate and you come across as a rad, rad human being.”

“If you can't seem to improve your dating life Joce, the least you can do is be somewhat less terrific of a writer. That way I would not relish the act of poring over your heartache.”

I'm currently working in Afghanistan. I'm 35 and my fiancé just broke up with me, and I realize I have no idea how to date anymore.  Thanks for the blog, though. I'm hoping I can learn some important "what not to do" kind of lessons.  It's hard to believe there are guys that really do that stuff.”

I just read your last blog entry.
 Joce, you are one of the strongest people I know.
 Any man who doesn't fall instantly in love with you is an idiot.
 That is all.”

“Thank you for filling the end of my workday with fun stories to read!  While I do not wish bad dates on anyone, I hope you have more stories to share!  You are a dynamic character to be sure.”

Hey Joce, I've really enjoyed your blog. Until now it's kept me nearly pissing my pants laughing. But the Ken one is just unbelievable! Good for you for sharing it and I hope there was no permanent damage done.”

“Just wanted to let you know…that your blog is my new favorite thing on the internet.  You're a wonderful writer, and (unfortunately) I can relate so much to so many of your stories :)”