The Single Most Precious Gift (Avery)

Dear Joce,
Well, I suppose you’re wondering why I am writing you…Let me start off with a few explanations; it has taken me a long time to come to terms with what happened between you and I, I was always very bitter about our attitudes and the actions that I had taken. Only now have I been able to clearly and critically reflect on these events which seem like a distant memory. I realize the pain which I inflicted, and for this I am sorry. During the course of the last year, I had an unexaminable amount of changes in my thinking and in my total personality. Changes spanning from personal thoughts on my past life all the way to religion. And through these changes, I ignorantly drug you through, also. Now upon reflection, my mistakes strike me hard, and cold. One major personal mistake was my addiction to sex and the need to fulfill my physical passions. I was a slave and I cared about no one. I knew something was wrong, but it was much too vague to explain to you at the time, and this inability to espouse my feelings was based on my sheer ignorance.

I remember very clearly the night in my mother’s bedroom, when you spilled your heart unto me, and I left you cold and blank, I am so sorry. I now realize that everything was actually my fault and our spats were based completely on my infirmities as a human; selfishness, jealousy, ignorance, cowardice and false dignity.

You told me that very evening that you were the only friend who cared about me. I don’t believe that even you know just how correct you were…I know how temporal these friends can be, but you were true. And I love you for it. You may hate me now and curse my existence, but that gift of love for me, was the single most precious gift. And I was too ignorant to recognize it.

I hope that you will know that the point of this letter is not to interrupt in your new life, or established relationships, but it is the small token or retribution for horrific behavior.

I would appreciate any correspondence, negative or positive. I hope that I have made clear to you my position.

Please respond in any media or form you see as fitting.