Part 2: Finker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy (Ken, Sargeant "First Class")

OCTOBER 16, 2009
4:09 PM Kenneth: Hey, Beautiful, pay attention to me!!!

16 minutes
4:25 PM Kenneth: hello?

6 minutes
4:31 PM me: sorry, had to make a cupcake run
4:32 PM heading home now...
4:35 PM Kenneth: enjoy your cupcake, Cupcake.
me: I already ate it. And now I feel sick.
Kenneth: Awww...need me to rub your tummy?
me: yes please
4:36 PM Kenneth: okay....if I rub my tummy, maybe you can feel it?
me: I'm sure of it.
Kenneth: okay...hope you feel better...
me: thanks, pookie, call me later please
4:37 PM Kenneth: I will, when is a good time?
me: Talking to you on IM for hours and 4 times over the phone just wasn't enough?
Kenneth: never is
me: I'll be chillaxin at home all NIGHT
trying not to cry because Imissuuuu
Kenneth: cool...miss you too, sweetface. I'll call later
4:38 PM me: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoKenneth: hearts and stuff!!!