Bad Dates, A Beginning (Joce)

From Joce’s Ramona Quimby  Fill in the Blank Diary, 4th Grade

I have brown colored hair
And green colored eyes
I am 4 feet and 4 inches tall

The nicest person in my class is Joey
I like him/her because He loves me were going out
Glue or tape the best valentine that you received here, or draw a picture of it!
Dear Joce,
I love you would you go out with me. Love, Joey P.S. Don't tell anyone

The sport I’m best at is skating
The hardest thing about growing up Trying to tell your mom about your boyfriend but she gets mad 

Angie + John
John + Erika
John + Joce
Joce + Joey
Kelly + Peter
Erika + David

I was treated unfairly this month when Joey was pulling my hair and yelling
This made me angry because He usually likes me were not going out anymore 
In May, I most want to forget: Joey
The biggest surprise I had this month was John actually likes me amazing he used to call me fat 
One hope I have for next month is John still likes me

This year I’m in the 5th Grade
I think I will like my new teacher this year because He's really nice and he's a boy 
I look different this year because I have longer hair I got braces