Things to remember when you get sad about the breakups (1994-2010)

He never introduced you to his family or friends.
His job/family/friends/religion/love of country always came before you.
He talked about and planned for his future, but never for your future together.
He wasn’t interested in your work, your hobbies or your family.
He talked shit about your friends/family/dog.

He never once told you he loved you first. Only as a response to when you said it.
He never kept a picture of you, or the two of you together, in his wallet, on his desk or on his Facebook page.
He never once wrote you a card or a love letter or even signed anything Love,
He didn’t think you were pretty, or say that you were beautiful, but sometimes said you were “lookin’ good.”
He didn’t want to kiss you and often when you hugged him, he would push you away if it lasted more than 3 seconds.
When you expressed concern about his lack of affection he told you he had only acted affectionately toward you to “get you” but now that he “had you” he didn't feel that it was necessary anymore.
When he got invited to his best friends wedding, he didn't invite you to go with, even though you had been dating for almost a year.
When you overheard a conversation he was having with another of his close friends and he referred to you, they didn't know who you were, since he had never mentioned you before, even though you had been together for over a year.
He wouldn’t stick up for you when someone was rude to you.
He couldn't bring himself to apologize. For anything.
If you cried or were sad about something, he never put his arms around you and hugged you; instead he told you you were weak.
When you were sick, rather than taking care of you, he got mad that you put him in the position to potentially get sick.
He wasn't proud of you; he didn't notice your strengths but always reminded you of your weaknesses.
Seeing you for an occasional weekend was enough for him and when you expressed that you'd like to see him more often, he said you were too needy.
When things were stressful, his response was not to “circle the wagons,” but to expect you to deal with it on your own.

He was always broke.
He was cheap.
He didn't get you a birthday present and refused to do something special with you or even acknowledge your anniversary.
For months he hinted that he was going to buy you an iPod for Christmas, but when the day rolled around your actual gift was a 3x5 photo of himself, sans frame.
When his dog peed on your floor, he watched you clean it up.
He was a slob.

He was secretive and often neglected to tell you important things.
He lied. A lot.
He stood you up.
He was just using you.

He was lousy in bed.
He accused you of cheating on him.
He cheated on you.
When his ex-girlfriend continued to send him cookies and care packages he got mad at you for caring.
He repeatedly referred to his ex as “sweet and nice” but never referred to you in the same way.

He was an alcoholic.
He was a mean drunk.
When you had too much to drink at the bar, he made your friends take you home so he could stay out.
He physically restrained you from leaving the house during an argument.
He threw you out of the house during an argument.
When you had a fight, he would lock himself in his office or ignore you for days.

He married the next girl he dated after you. You had dated for 1/2/4 years and you had never discussed marriage.
After you broke up, he told you the only reason he was with you in the first place was because he felt sorry for you.
After you broke up he told you that he had never loved you.