Tedious, mind-numbing (Howie)

I was enjoying a day off strolling around downtown today, minding my own business when upon wandering into the old Barrio I was struck by a particular building. I hesitated. "Wait", I thought. "This place seems familiar". Then it struck me. Very large painting with a wounded heart motif. Small but feisty little dog. Large, stylish automobile. Joce!

If the lack of dramatic artwork in my apartment and choice of a bland Toyota had led to me being completely lost from your memory, then let me remind you: we went out a handful of times last year. Trust me, that's as dreaded of a line to write as it is to read!

I believe you helped me through a rough time via phone on a tedious, mind-numbing Arkansasian business trip. There are no more such trips. I left that world to become a teacher, and now teach at a wonderful little nonprofit school here in Tucson.

As I continued my stroll, I was left wondering if you still do reside here in The Old Pueblo, in that quaint little adobe abode. Care to satisfy my curiosity?

Hope you're well!


For the record, Howie, it was TWO dates.