Truffle oil (Kendall)

What, are we dancing the limbo? given you've set the bar so low with your Joce "Compatibility in Dating Quiz." Who on earth are you dating? Is it truly THAT bad? bear in mind, it's quite difficult for the Leo in me to not claim I'm better than the average Joe, Bob, or even Dylan (even though he's got such a "cool" name!!...**snicker **snicker)...mmm sorry, I just threw up in my mouth (-1pt for bad breath). So I'll give you my compatibility score: 93. So apparently I'm a big fat liar (-1pt for lying about being a liar). Maybe you should weigh each question separately, or maybe we can get bonus points? I'm used to being the overachiever, so 4.0 doesn't cut it (shit! -1pt for superiority complex). can I get points for being able to cook and knowing that Truffle Oil is not for massages? not having road rage? not having A.D.D.? crying when watching The Notebook? believing foreplay is very important, but quickies are just as (-1pt for sentence fragment). I mean how do we really know we are compatible with anyone? Maybe the proper "Compatibility Quiz" could answer that. Maybe if it's detailed enough, it could possibly potentially somehow work. Because dating douchepurses sucks just as bad. I'm on a fact finding mission such as yourself. I'll be sending you my own questionaire. Two can play this game.