Sun in the fourth house (Mohammed)

Chicken Nuggets,

Please take your time to read these lovely lines...It seems like you are my dream girl:-)

I loved it and I agree with it!


Sun in the Fourth House

"...this position favors a relationship in which you settle down together and share each other's personal lives as intimately as possible..... This is one of the best positions for marriage..."

Sun Conjunct Venus
"The conjunction of Sun and Venus in the composite chart is one of the strongest indications of a love relationship between two people, even in a friendship. It does not primarily indicate a sexual relationship;instead it signifies love, pure and simple. The attraction indicated by this aspect is so powerful that it can bring together people who are incompatible by ordinary criteria..."

Moon in the First House
"A first-house Moon should give the two of you a strong sense of emotional compatibility. You will feel that you belong together and that you have much in common, which will indeed be true..."