If you don't know who you love (Avery)

My dearest,
You are in my oxygen which sustains my existence, and to be without you for two weeks is certain death. So I present you this: If you have not broken off the relationship with Jackson by this coming Sunday evening at 11:00 p.m., I will consider our relationship to be naught. There will be no anger nor hatred, but mere neutrality. I can not live with you in any other situation, save love and certain joy. I feel I should explain this ultimatum a bit more: I leave for California in four weeks. I want to spend the few moments I have left, with you. I cannot wait two weeks; I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't exist.
Please be assured that this is done in love, not in anger, but if you don't know who you love, or care about the most by now, two weeks should make no difference at all. I hope that we should not have to review Tuesday evening as one of a fleeting moment of passion on your part. For I am quite positive of how I feel for you.
So it has been said. Our lifelong relationship lies in your decision; consider. Who has the potential to make you happy for the rest of your mortal existence? Be it Clinton? Not if I have heard you correctly, not desiring marriage nor any other binding committment.
Remember the love we share, please Joce.
And by the phone I shall wait, with tempting thoughts of our love fighting amongst those of which may end in a cold grey. If you have any questions or comments, I would gladly hear them. Rest assured, I love you, and you alone. Dearest Joce, please, while my body wearies: Sleep with Angels...
So humbly in love, Avery