Horrable things (Clinton)

I am truely sorry for the horrable things I have done these past few days. There is no way I can explain to you how much everything you have done for me has meant to me. When I broke the things you gave me, that displayd your fealings for me, a huge part of my heart was broken allong with them. If I had been in my right mind I never would of done those things, and there is noway I can express the sorrow I feal.

I would also like to tell you that I will try so hard to work on my disasterous habhit of telling meaningless lies. I never meant to push you away by doing these things. I love you and you know how sad I am to loose you. But I realy truely do wish the best for you, so think of yourself before me. If there is any possible hope, I want to work these problems out with you. Please dont make any major decisions untill we can talk again.
Your friend,