Superman vs Clark Kent (Cooper & Chris)

Name: Cooper
Looks like: Superman
Age: 34
Stats: 6 ft. 190 lbs.
Sign: Scorpio
Education: Bachelors degree in Political Science
Employment: middle management
Family: only child, parents deceased
Hails from: Seattle
Car: Toyota Camry
Living situation: lives alone, rents apartment
Uniform: linen pants, sandals

The attraction:
Really smart
Reads extensively
Works out regularly (can pick you up and throw you on the bed)
Well traveled
Extremely affectionate

The detraction:
Indifferent about family/pets
Commitment phobe

The clincher:
You like him more than he likes you

Name: Chris
Looks like: Clark Kent
Age: 27
Stats: 5 ft. 11 n. 155 lbs.
Sign: Capricorn
Education: Pursuing doctorate in Journalism
Employment: none (student)
Family: one brother, parents divorced
Hails from: Florida
Car: Grandpa’s old minivan
Living situation: Lives with roommate, rents duplex
Uniform: Prada glasses, pointy Euro loafers

The attraction:
Really smart
Owns espresso machine
Well traveled
Loves dogs
Knowledgeable about the arts
Family mansion in the Florida keys

The detraction:
Likes pugs
Easily bossed around
Previously married
Talks too much about Wagner

The clincher:
He likes you more than you like him