Que sera (Troy)

September 3
Okay, Troy,
Let me guess. As soon as you sent this email, your (ex)girlfriend called and you got back together. You decided to get married, adopt a baby from Africa and be happy forever. Either that or I'm just not interesting enough for a second date. Or you're actually a woman in a man's body and even though we might have a mind connection, you are afraid that I won't accept you in your current transgender form. Or what? It would just be nice to know, one way or another, so I can put this little episode to rest with a solid reason. And regardless of why I wish you the best in all that you do.

(no response until…)

December 12
Hi Joce!
Just watching the moon tonight and *sigh* suddenly you came to mind. Be still my heart. You have come to my mind more than a few times over the past months. I kinda reconnected with my ex-girlfriend a few months back and we were dating again, but taking it day by day. Now, as fate would have it, I am once again single, as of two days ago. At the end of the day, my ex and I had the most gorgeous relationship but she was counting down the days until she would be sans children, while I hope to start a family one day ahead. Que sera. We appreciate life's blessings and move on with head high and heart dreaming.

Still, if the lady wishes it, I would love to reconnect with you, you never know what the future holds, right?

Until....dream well. Pillow calls. Ciao ~ Troy

(I didn't respond. Then, 2 YEARS later...)

Hi Joce :)
Where might life find you? If still near Indy/Bloomington, drop a line sometime. I would very much enjoy catching up!