I think I'm out of my mind (Marc)

Hi Marc,
Your emails are getting very intense – I wish you the best of luck with your prelims and in finding someone right for you.

Joce -
OR we could wait a while and meet sometime again in the future. We don’t have to commit to anything like dinner, if you like walking, come walk the dog with me. My adviser is out this week and I am sitting her house and dog. His name is Dingo. Her name is Maxine. My emails are intense because I think I'm out of my mind. I'm a nice person though, I have so many conversations that end with the old "this is the weirdest conversation I've ever had." It is too bad that people want to use that as a reason to end conversation. If you don't drop it, it will be worth your while. What do you do by the way, I never did ask? I am a little weird but not a freak show. I enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your things.
Your call – Marc